45 BCS Circular 2022

By | 14/04/2022
45 BCS Circular 2022

UPDATE: 45 BCS Circular on November 30, 2022

Waiting eagerly for the 45 BCS circular? You have come to the right place to find the 45th BCS circular. Fortunately or unfortunately, the circular is yet to be published. As organizing one BCS preliminary exam and publishing one BCS circular each year have become a trend over the last couple of years, chances are high that the circular will be published in November, 2022. If it is changed, it will be updated here as soon as possible. By that time 44th BCS preliminary exam and 43rd BCS written exam will be finished. So, BPSC will focus on the 45th BCS exam. We will keep updating the latest information on the next BCS exam. Don’t miss the authentic update.

45 BCS Circular

Still, there is plenty of time to get prepared for the next BCS preliminary exam. If you are not sure how to take top class BCS preparation from zero, read the articles below. I am pretty sure you will perform well if you follow the guidelines stated below. Read them thoroughly with full concentration. Still a student? Then this article is for you. I have talked about my tricks, techniques, and strategies I have learned over the last couple of years starting from 37th BCS to 41st BCS.

Not only articles, BCS Hacks features Facebook group and Youtube Channel with more resources. Watch the live sessions and other videos to get crystal clear ideas about the whole journey. The links are included below.

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45 BCS Circular

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FAQ about 45 BCS Circular 2022 and 45 BCS Preliminary Exam 2023

When will be the 45th BCS Preliminary Exam?

It is expected to take place in the first quarter of 2023.

How many examinees will appear at the 45th BCS exam?

Usually, around 4-5 lakhs examinees appear at BCS preliminary exam.

How many seats are available in the 45th BCS?

About 2 thousand cadres will be selected in the exam.

How can I find the syllabus of the 45th BCS preliminary and written exam?

Please find the link above.

What will be the cut off marks of 45 BCS preliminary exam?

It totally depends on the question pattern. If it is focused on the previous questions, it is expected to be around 108-110. If it is not focused on the previous year questions, it could be around 100. Read the article to get more idea on BCS question analysis

BCS is the one of the hardest job exams in Bangladesh. To do well in the exam, you must not wait for the 45 BCS Circular. If you are eligible to apply, you should start reading as soon as possible with proper techniques. Good luck.

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