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By | 03/10/2022
BCS preparation

BCS preliminary is the first step to judge BCS preparation. As it is the first step of the recruitment process, it could be considered the easiest one by many BCS examinees. I thought that when I was a kid, few years ago. Then I understood that BCS preliminary is the toughest phase of the BCS exam as about 95% of the candidates are eliminated in the preliminary exam. Suppose, 2.5 lakhs job seekers will attend the exam, 10 thousands will pass which means 2.4 lakhs will get eliminated in the preliminary phase while in the BCS written exam 50% marks is sufficient to pass, you don’t have to compete with anyone to pass, but a good score will boost the chance to get a desired cadre. And 100 out of 200 is enough to pass the BCS viva, the last step of the BCS journey.

Usually, there is not much difference in the viva marks, so you have to do well in the written exam as you have the golden opportunity to prove yourself through the 900 marks of written exam. But at first you have to pass the first step: BCS preliminary exam. BCS preliminary is getting harder and unpredictable day by day. So, let’s concentrate on study so that we can get away whatever rules and question pattern PSC follows.

Many BCS candidates believe if someone studies too much, he will pass the preliminary which is 100% wrong. You may fail if you target 200, but you may pass if you target 120. Proper strategy is very important to pass preliminary. For example, if you read A to Z of Current Affairs of one year but how many questions could be selected in the exam from there? Have you ever thought about it?

Only 4 marks are allocated for the recent part in the new BCS syllabus. So, think before you study. At first, print out the BCS preliminary syllabus and carefully observe the marks distribution. Print it; if it is on your computer or mobile some important parts could be overlooked. Some examines will get good marks only by understanding and analyzing the syllabus. So, the target would be prioritizing the parts where the output will be better. There is no point in spending hundreds or thousands of hours after general knowledge. Divert this effort on English literature or math; the output will be more. Some subjects with great outputs: math, science, English literature, and computer. There is a technique: focus on your strength, which means prioritize the subjects you are already good in. If your background is science focus on math, general science, and computer so that you can ensure good marks compared to others. Never do you neglect them. Doing so could be a huge loss. If your background is different from science, focus on the subjects you are good in. I repeat, print out the syllabus.

Best BCS Preparation Books

  • Math: Professor’s Guide+Oracle Mental Ability Written
  • English: English for competitive Exams (Md Fazlul Haque) +  Miracle BCS English Literature (Mohammad Shakawoat Hossen).
  • Science: Professor’s guide+ general science book of class 9-10
  • Computer: Easy computer
  • Bangla: Professor’s Guide book + Bangla Grammar board book (9-10)
  • Bangladesh: Professor’s+Civics and Good Governance (2nd paper)+Arif Khan’s Songbidhan
  • International: Professor’s guide
  • Geography: Professor’s guide + 9-10 book: Geography and Bangladesh
  • Ethics and Values:Previous questions

BCS Preparation Math Preliminary 30 marks

In the BCS preliminary exam, 15 marks is allocated for mathematics and 15 marks for mental ability. In short, 30 marks is allocated for math. This 30 marks could be “tramp card” for you. If you get 25+ marks, you will be ahead of thousands of job hunters. Many examinees are excellent in all subjects except math. Our target is to defeat them. If you want to get 20 out of 20 in international affairs, you must study a lot, and the questions may not be common for you. So, we have to work smart, not hard. Regular practice is necessary for math. For science background students, math could be easy, but you must not be over confident. If you neglect, you may get caught. To solve math quickly in the exam hall, regular practice is essential. You will not get time for research in the exam hall. In BCS exam, how fast you can solve a math is more important than solving a math taking excessive amount of time. Professor’s BCS preliminary mathematics guide book is sufficient as it is nicely organized. You could go for Khairul’s basic math; it is very popular as well. For mental ability, first solve the previous preliminary questions starting from 35th BCS. Then solve the BCS written mental ability questions from 27th BCS to the latest BCS written exam. Nothing else; that’s more than enough. You don’t have to study anything new even in the written exam. Isn’t that great? Click for Full BCS Math Preparation

BCS Preparation English Preliminary 35 Marks

English Literature 15 Marks

You may get surprised noticing English literature after math. Truly, it is astonishing. In my opinion, English literature which carries 15 marks is the most underrated subject of BCS preliminary examination. English literature is not in the written part, so you may want to exclude it, but it will be extremely risky because if it is mostly based on previous year questions or something like that getting 10-12 marks is not difficult at all. Only PSC knows the question pattern. Even if the question is not traditional, you are expected to get more marks than others to perform well in this section. You don’t have to work hard like the way you do in the general knowledge section. Just focus on it bit, you will be ahead of numerous candidates.

Select a book for English literature which includes previous questions of job exams for BCS preparation. In fact, this is applicable to all subjects. You need to get idea about what to read and what not to read analyzing the previous year questions: this is the difference between a failure and a successor. Middle and modern ages are more important than the old age. Romantic, Renaisaance, Jacobian age, Anglo-saxon, etc. names may sound odd. I was like you, but no need to get panicked. Everything will be fine after some days. All you need to do is keep trying.

I love Miracle BCS English Literature (Mohammad Shakawoat Hossen). Read by the names of the writers. You don’t have to read all the writers, just read the famous writers. Remember, don’t get lost while reading. English literature questions are usually not as deep as Bangla literature. So, after reading the works of important writers, read the previous year questions of various job exams. Read the works of Shakespears and Bernerd Shaw over and over. Read the summary characters, etc. of their writings. The main point is don’t underestimate the power of English literature.

English Grammar 20 Marks

You don’t have to occupy the neuron of your brain with dozens of books like Barron’s TOEFL, Cliff’s TOEFL, GRE, etc. for BCS preparation. English for competitive Exams (Md Fazlul Haque) is enough. Even if you read 50% of the book, it is appreciable. You may ignore the varsity admission questions; just read the previous year job questions. For synonym and antonyms, just read the previous BCS questions. You may also read other exam questions as well. Usually, we don’t like to memorize vocabulary, so smart candidates don’t prioritize the vocabulary section. Thinking is it enough for BCS preliminary preparation?  Yes, it is enough.

Some candidates who have passed the BCS preliminary phase tend to include all the books of Nilkhet.  I am sure you will understand the value o my advice someday.  You will thank me then. If you really want to or need to read grammar, Applied English Grammar and Composition by PC Das could be the best book for you. You have studied at least 16 years, so if your English is still very weak, I don’t recommend any book written in English; rather I recommend a book written in your mother language: Bangla. That’s why I recommend PC Das.

I have not read MASTER BCS book, but it is very popular for BCS preliminary English. You must not forget that Basic English Grammar and previous year BCS and other job questions are the most important part for BCS exam preparation.

BCS Preparation General Science 15 Marks

General science is a plus point for science background students. If the question is hard, science background students are expected to get some extra benefit, but other candidates should not worry. First, quickly read the general science book of class 9-10 once or twice according to the topics of syllabus. Don’t panic; you don’t have to read every chapter. You will recollect many points you have forgotten, and it will be beneficial for the written exam. I repeat, it will be beneficial. Then for BCS preliminary preparation, solve previous job exam questions from Professor’s science guide; try to understand the logic. If you don’t understand google it in English or Bangla.

Some questions like the machine used to measure the depth of the sea, air pressure, etc. are set over and over. Memorize them. Diseases created by bacteria and virus are also common. Hope, you got it. Any problem? I am here to help.

BCS Preparation Computer and ICT 15 Marks

This subject is also important. Usually, boys are ahead of girls. As many BCS candidates are afraid of computer, we should exploit this opportunity. For this, go for Easy computer or have a look at the computer section of Professor’s science guide. Oracle guide does not include computer in the science book, so you need to buy it separately. Oracle should be fine though I have not bought it.

Another thing is to read the ICT section of newspaper. If you read this, you will learn recent information, which will be fruitful for you. You may look at the science and technology section of the Prothom Alo. I learned the answer of a question whose answer is “Google Street View” from a Facebook friend. My friend list is full of techie friends.

BCS Preparation Bangla Literature and BCS Preparation Bangla Grammar 20 Marks

Many BCS examinees are afraid of Bangla. Names like Charjapad, Chandi Das increase our heartbeat. But the old and the middle ages include only 5 marks. On the other hand, the modern age where the names of writers sound kind of familiar like human comprise 15 marks. Nothing will be created in the old and middle ages, so usually some questions are repeated over and over. Even if the questions are not common and kind of unrealistic like the 37th BCS, no problem because most candidates will not be able to answer like you. So, don’t panic. Prioritize the modern age. Especially focus on the 11 writers given by PSC. Study about them deeply. There was and will be no BCS questions without them; think like a smart candidate. And you are smart, I know that. Read professor’s Bangla guide for BCS preliminary examination, nicely organized. You may start with the writers or previous year questions. I recommend starting with the writers. For BCS Bangla grammar preparation, this book is enough, but always keep Bangla Grammar board book (9-10) as reference.  

BCS Bangladesh Affairs Preparation 30 Marks

General knowledge has two parts: Bangladesh affairs and International affairs. You don’t have to be extra-ordinary in general knowledge. No need to memorize numerous copies of current affairs for BCS examination. Read the 50 MCQ type questions of current affairs of 3-4 months before the BCS preliminary exam. But at first read the Bangladesh part of the syllabus. Only 6 marks is reserved for the section starting from thousands of years ago to the liberation year. Are you wasting your valuable time reading this? For liberation war, read the liberation war part of Civics and Good Governance (2nd paper) book of class 11 and 12. This text book is more interesting than traditional BCS guide book for liberation war, and it will be more lasting in the brain. But previous year questions are must, so don’t say good bye forever to guide. Surprisingly, when you analyze the written questions, you will notice that many questions were picked focusing this book. Other parts like population, economics, and constitution have less volume of content but carry relatively more marks. So prioritize this section. You don’t have to memorize the whole constitution like a parrot as some articles are only important for the exam. Read Arif Khan’s Bangladesh Songbidhan. Professor’s guide is pretty good as it is well organized. Some prefers George’s MP3, which is also reliable. You must study whether it is professor’s or George’s MP3. You must study minimum amount to get passed.

BCS International Affairs Preparation 20 Marks

You don’t have to be an international expert; you don’t have to memorize the currency of all the countries of the world. BCS Syllabus is new from the 35th BCS. You may ignore the topics from where no questions are picked in the exam as they carry very little importance today. Read the environmental issue of the syllabus; this part has very slim volume. Look at the breaking news, newspapers and first of all read the previous questions of different exams. Remember general knowledge can never help you a lot to pass the preliminary phase, so don’t spend too much time here. Doing so could be suicidal. So, keep the international part limited. Professor’s guide is sufficient for BCS preliminary preparation.

Geography 10 Marks

Follow Professor’s or any reliable guide. You don’t have to worry too much about this. You may read the “Disasters of Bangladesh” from 9-10 book: Geography and Bangladesh. Don’t waste too much time for geography.

Ethics and Values 10 Marks

As sometimes the options are very close, I don’t like this part. Just read the questions of 35th BCS to the latest one; this is enough to get some marks most of the time. Don’t focus on this part too much. We will target 190 marks, not 200, and we will succeed.

How to Start BCS Preparation

Buying BCS book is done; now is the time to study. Some BCS candidates read one subject days after days, months after months. This is nothing but stupidity as you will forget almost all previous content and will get frightened, and your confidence will decrease. So, read minimum 2-3 subjects daily. And make sure reading all subjects once a week. Practice math 30-60 minutes regularly. If you are weak in math, do math in the morning with fresh brain. This should be done even if you are good at it.

BCS Preparation Daily Routine








Math, English grammar, Bangla literature, General science

Math, English literature, Bangla grammar, Computer

Math, Bangladesh, International, General science

Math, English grammar, Geography, General science

Math, English literature, Bangla grammar, Computer 

Math, Bangladesh, International, General science

Math, English Grammar, General science, Computer

How to Read Job Solution for BCS Preliminary

You could read job solution simultaneously with the series but make sure it is not too much. In fact, if you read series properly, you don’t have to buy a job solution. If you want to read job solution, solve 2-3 questions every day or after every one or two days. You could do it for getting ideas about BCS and other job exam questions of previous years. Series covers questions in chapters so the idea of whole questions could be unclear to you. Remember, job solution should not be the foundation as questions of some subjects like mental ability, science, computer, etc. are not sufficient. Watch the video where it is explained in detail. Now, your question is: which is the best job solution? Certainly, you will read Professor’s job solution if you want to read job solution. Don’t look for the job solution PDF instead buy the hard copy. This is best for memorizing and revising.  Printing the whole job solution will cost a lot of money. Professor’s job solution costs 500-600 Taka or something like that.

Time for BCS Preliminary Model Test

Start taking model tests before two months or at least one month so that even if your preparation is not good, you can have sufficient time for preparation. I recommend two months for the first time BCS candidates. Don’t read anything new before one month of the exam. Start revision before one month of the exam. Read BCS preparation strategy in the last 3 months.

Exam Hall Strategy for BCS Exam

Answer only by guessing is like meeting people infected with coronavirus without any mask. If you have no idea about the answer, it is supposed to be wrong. Come out of the theory of lottery. Preliminary is not lottery; but combination of merit, strategy, and luck. So, answer if you are sure about 50% or more no matter how easy or tough the question is you will be the winner. This is the best strategy in my opinion. Earlier I didn’t answer if I was not 100% sure, so I scored low.  Changed my strategy, then the score improved. If you want to be 100% sure, you will create mental pressure by yourself. Due to excessive pressure, the marks could be very low than expectation. So, set bulletproof strategy. Take tests over and over and make your strategy flawless. Learn how to control negative marking.

Exam Day: The Real Test

You need to understand if the question is easy or tough or how after you receive the question and while answering on the exam day. Those who have this ability will be ahead of many candidates. Those who don’t have the ability you may be in huge mental pressure and may fall in the trap of negative marking. Those who will understand will have a balance like riding the cycle and will be smiling on the result day.  

How to Understand Cut off Mark in the Exam Hall

If the BCS preliminary question has lots of previous year questions of job exams, the cut off mark is expected to be around 108-110. If instead of previous year questions, there are so many new, tricky questions, the cut of mark is expected to be 95-100. This is just a primary assumption. It will take one or one and a half minute or less. It could bring positive results if you can guess the cut off mark. I did it in every BCS preliminary exam starting from the 37th BCS preliminary exam to the 41st BCS preliminary exam and succeeded. For example, if you know you have to walk 1 kilometre or 10-kilometre, your mental set up will be ready for that. I believe you have got my point. BUT you must answer every question according to its merit even after the primary analysis. Don’t forget the cut off mark of the 44th BCS. 

Final Suggestion

You don’t have to do anything uncommon for BCS preparation. You must know the answers of the questions which are known to all; otherwise you will be far behind. Take preliminary easily, you will pass inshallah. Countless congratulations for everyone.

No effort goes in vein. I have seen who have worked hard and whose basic is OK did not become unsuccessful. You will also experience the brightest face of success inshallah today, tomorrow or someday. Stay focused; don’t listen to the valueless talk of others. If you stand above the horizon someday, then………….

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